What we do

We undertake systematic reviews, cost-effectiveness analyses, budget impact analyses as well as case studies. 

Hospital-based HTA
We have been involved in supporting the uptake of HTA as part of planning acquisitions and investment decisions. In collaboration with a number of Finnish hospitals we have developed a bespoke procurement proposal form (in Finnish, can be made available in English, upon request), which can be used to identify and describe important considerations when considering acquisitions and investments. 

We have made a simplified web-based Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) tool (in Finnish, can be made available in English, upon request).  This tool is available for non-commercial use. We would be happy to discuss your BIA needs further.

In more complex or extensive procurement decisions, the AdHopHTA-project's Mini-HTA form, version 2.0. for example, can be used. 

Assessments for The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) 
In 2017 a report was published (in Finnish) on chronic fatigue syndrome. In 2015 a report was published (in Finnish) about how to target health promotion interventions for work ability. Currently there is one ongoing project on life-long rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury.

Assessments for Council for Choices in Health Care in Finland (COHERE Finland) at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 
In spring 2018 a report was published (in Finnish) on the effectiveness of psychotherapy in mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation, together with a report on the effectiveness of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in treating subacute back pain (in Finnish). In October 2017 a report on using cost-effectiveness as one defining criterion for health care service choices was published (in Finnish), together with a report on prioritisation of health care in several countries (in Finnish). 

EUnetHTA and the HTA Core ModelĀ®
We have participated in the development of the HTA Core ModelĀ®, a common framework and tool for shared preparation of HTA. We are active in HTAi Interest Group on Patient and Citizen Involvement in HTA, preparing a patient group submission template for diagnostic devices. In February 2015, an HTA seminar was held in Helsinki, targeted to Finnish device manufacturers. The seminar's objective was to introduce HTA, European advances in early dialogue as well as templates and tools to assist manufacturers in reimbursement submissions. 

 A book, written by the founder of Summaryx Iris Pasternack, highlighting topical issues in health care such as over-diagnosis, over-treatment and medicalisation, was published in 2015 (in Finnish).
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